Case Study - The NIN enrolment project

The NIN Enrolment Project represents a significant undertaking by the Nigerian government to create a robust and secure national identification system.

Nigerian Identity Management Commission
NIN Enrolment, Online Booking Service


The NIN Enrolment Project is a comprehensive initiative undertaken by the Nigerian government to establish a secure and efficient national identification system. It involves the assignment of unique 11 digit NINs to citizens and residents, facilitating identity verification for government services, financial transactions, and security purposes.

What we did

  • Assigned 11 digit NINs to citizens and residents
  • Ensured government compliance
  • Set up accessible enrolment centers
  • Simplified the enrolment process

I wasn't sure what to expect from the NIN enrolment process, but it pleasantly surprised me with its efficiency. Ficoven's global network of enrolment centers has made it convenient even for Nigerian citizens living abroad.

Eva M
Number of NINs Issued
Enrolment Centers Established
Successful Enrolments
Government Services Linked to NINs

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